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Patrick Olivier

Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, Patrick Olivier has been increasingly incorporating his heritage and upbringing into his musicality. After moving away from his hometown for 9 years, he returned to visit and realized even more the heart and community of his beloved birthplace. As a BOI (Born On the Island), he has always carried a love for Galveston, but he found that he had not recognized the richness of the Mexican, Black, American history there and how they come together to form the bountiful pride Texans carry in their culture.


With roots also in Louisiana, Patrick embraces his creole culture, especially in food and in music. Both of these things play an incredibly large role in one’s culture and in one’s influences. Aside from the vast and flavorful cuisine, Zydeco is a major musical staple in Louisiana and Texas culture and it has inspired Patrick’s soulful and rhythmic style throughout his musical career. The percussive nature of Zydeco makes you want to immediately get up and dance, something that Patrick takes pride in at his shows – the freedom people feel to dance and let loose while he’s performing is invaluable to him.


As a young man, Patrick accelerated into adulthood by joining the United States Marine Corps where he served for 5 years as an Avionics Technician. Around this time, he discovered and fell in love with the classic sounds of legends like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Eddie Arnold, among many others. During his time in the Marines, he gained a sense of service and duty and developed a mission-oriented mindset that carried him through the following 7 years of law enforcement. There, Patrick learned an immense amount about humanity and cultivating empathy for others. When put in a position to directly protect and serve the people, he learned many hard truths, the hardest arguably being the lack of a relationship between law enforcement and the people. This implemented in him an increased desire to treat every person he contacts with respect and to leave people feeling better than he found them. This is consistently reflected in his music and in the way he orchestrates his shows.


Patrick’s passion for music runs so deep that he has done everything in his power to not accept a job that would prevent him from performing. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, he learned of a job opportunity in his field with NASA, but the music bug had bitten him by that point and he could only think of that as a means of sustenance – the rockstar dream strikes again. One of the few instances in which he did accept a job that would prevent him from singing, he was an over the road trucker for 6 days out of the week and felt a miserable disconnect not only from his music, but from his family. As a family-oriented man and father, he learned quickly that being away from home and away from the stage was not an option.


Patrick Olivier Music is truly more than what meets the eye. From his heritage to his career paths to his personal journey through life, Patrick has truly pulled from every facet of his life to build a brand that not only tells a story, but which provides people with an experience that will leave them wanting more. His only hope is that for a few hours out of an evening, he can make his audience feel something positive, whether that’s a memory, a distant emotion, or just an in-the-moment groove that gets their foot tapping.

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